Best colour combination to design your home in 2023!

Best colour combination to design your home in 2023!

You may be thinking: What is the best colour to paint my house? Or Should you paint every room the same colour? Here at Ethan’s interior, we got you covered!

The best hue combinations often depend on 2 factors: Your preference and the aesthetics you are trying to achieve. Let us share some of the popular colour combinations that we have seen that is in trend for 2023:

1. Sage green and beige With the warm tones of beige and the cool tones of sage green, it creates an amazing sense of harmony in your space which is cozy and inviting. This would be great for homeowners who would love to have the feeling of coming home to a sanctuary. It is also a minimalistic style with a subtle hint of colour.

2. Dusty pink and navy blue Love a space that is both relaxing and stylish? The soft and calming feeling from the dusty pink and the sense of drama and sophistication from the navy blue is the combination for you! You can use this colour combination in any room in the house, from the living room to the bedroom as they create a balance between energy and calmness.

3. Teal and terracotta The balanced palette is visually appealing as it brings a room to live from the warm inviting hue of terracotta yet creating a tranquil atmosphere from the cool and calming colour of Teal. The combination works well for both modern and classic designs.

4. Off-White and blush pink Looking for a soft and elegant look for your room? This is the perfect combination for you! The off-white adds a neutral contrast to the pink, while the blush pink adds a hint of femininity. They are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces that you want to be calming and inviting.

5. Burgundy and gold Burgundy is a deep, rich hue that is both calming and stimulating while the gold adds a layer of elegance and sophistication. These two stunning colours can create an inviting and opulent atmosphere which makse any room into a luxurious and comforting living space.

The best colour combination for interior design will depend on the style you are going for and the overall feel of the space. Ultimately, the best colour combination is the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Which combination do you like best? Let us know! Looking to renovate your new place into your dream home? Contact us at 8686 2258 or visit our website to check us out!

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