Creating A Pet-Friendly Home

Creating A Pet-Friendly Home

As a pet owner, I want to make sure that my home is a safe environment for them to thrive and have fun in. Here are some things you can do to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of your pet:


Choosing your material

The material you choose should have as few visible seams as possible. Dogs and cats naturally love scratching open seams and this can really damage your (brand new) furniture. Materials such as leather, microfibre, and canvas are good choices for your couch due to their durability and resistance to scratches and stains. However, sharp claws can still puncture holes in your fabric so be sure to trim their nails regularly.

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Choosing your furniture

Remember that your pet might try to jump on your furniture so it’s important to think about how stable your furniture has to be according to your pet’s size and weight. Shorter furniture is safer because the chances of them toppling over are lower as compared to taller furniture. 

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Securing your home

Do you have lots of loose wires or hazardous items in your house? Remember that animals do not understand the concept of danger when it comes to anything other than predators. Hence, loose wires and other hazardous items will look harmless to them. Come for a consultation with us and bring up these issues as well. Our interior designers will come up with a design plan to help store these hazards safely away from your furkids.


Ensuring proper ventilation
To prevent stuffiness and lessen any odours, proper ventilation is very important. Good air circulation is fundamental to your pet’s health as well. A good designer will be able to make use of the given space and design a home that is best suited to your needs.


At Ethan Interiors, we pride ourselves on project management and always aim to give our clients their ideal home. If you think our values resonate with yours, do not hesitate to drop us a DM via social media or give us a call.


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