Different Brands Of Paint In Singapore

Different Brands Of Paint In Singapore

Choosing the right type of paint is essential to bringing life into our homes. As we embark on a colourful journey through the world of paints, we encounter a myriad of choices, each possessing unique characteristics and purposes. From enhancing aesthetics to ensuring durability and environmental consciousness, the variety of paint types available in Singapore caters to diverse needs and preferences. 



Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co Pte Ltd is an affiliate of Nippon Paint Japan – one of the most established pioneers in the paint industry with more than 120 years of experience in paint technology. Established in 1962, Nippon Paint is now one of the leading paint manufacturers in Singapore.

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Benjamin Moore

They manufacture their own resins and proprietary Gennex® colourants, which deliver superior performance and application properties in every product. Paired with their incomparable selection of authentic colours, their products are formulated to help us achieve beautiful, lasting results every time we paint. Benjamin Moore paint engineered with Gennex® Color Technology resists colour fading indoors – and stands up to harsh weather conditions outdoors. This means the colour you love stays truer over time, so you only repaint when you want to, not out of necessity. When Benjamin Moore launched Gennex®, they were the first company in the U.S. to introduce a zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) waterborne tinting system. 

Photo credit: https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/interior-exterior-paints-stains/ben-interior-paint


Raffles Paint

Raffles Paint is a paint manufacturer founded in Singapore. When it comes to premium eco-friendly paints for your homes, they have set the standards of trust, quality and performance. They are the first Singapore-owned paint company with only eco green products. 

Photo credit: https://qanvast.com/sg/brands/raffles-paint-199



Gush is an advanced materials company dedicated to innovating and developing products that improve living spaces and environments. Cair is a range from Gush that is especially formulated to improve indoor air quality with their air-purifying interior paint that breaks down pollutants including toxic VOCs, odours, bacteria, and mould spores. 

Photo credit: https://qanvast.com/sg/articles/wfh-how-paint-can-help-you-create-a-healthier-workspace-2487



Established in 1931, ICI Paints Singapore is one of the pioneers in the paint manufacturing industry in Singapore, offering some of the world's top paint and decorative product brands such as Dulux, Dulux Trade, Devoe and Maxilite. AkzoNobel Paints Singapore is pleased to announce that Dulux has achieved the Superbrands Status today, bringing it international recognition that consumers know and trust the brand. This achievement is only presented when a company has fulfilled all the stringent standards set by the Superbrands organisation and marks an achievement in Dulux's brand recognition.

Photo credit: https://www.dulux.co.uk/en/product-overview


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