Environmentally Friendly Material Brands

Environmentally Friendly Material Brands

As the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation become increasingly evident, there is a growing urgency to reshape the way we create and utilize materials in our everyday lives. Lots of people are doing their part for our environment and going green so here are some brands that have environmentally friendly materials. 



Gush has a range called “Cair” and they’re specially formulated to improve indoor air quality. They break down VOCs (volatile organic compounds), odours, bacteria, and mould spores. Cair’s paints are air-purifying, anti-moulding, anti-bacterial, regulates humidity, VOC-free, and odourless. 

Photo credit: https://qanvast.com/sg/articles/wfh-how-paint-can-help-you-create-a-healthier-workspace-2487


Floor Xpert

Floor Xpert specializes in providing high quality, eco-friendly flooring solutions for commercial, hospitality and residential projects.

Photo credit: https://www.homeguide.com.sg/supplier/floor-xpert/ 



Dekton is the only surface on the market that is certified as Cradle-to-Grave Carbon Neutral® - an assessment that considers the environmental impact at each stage of a product's life cycle. From raw material extraction (the cradle), manufacturing and transportation to usage and retail, and finally, waste disposal (the grave), Dekton offsets 100% of its CO2 emissions.

Photo credit: https://www.cosentino.com/en-au/blog/green-house-by-dekton-silestone/



Admira's products are certified under the Singapore Green Label Scheme from the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) as an eco-surface material with low toxicity and improved indoor environment usage. 

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