How To: "ATAS" Toilet

How To: "ATAS" Toilet

Let’s talk about how to make a toilet more “ATAS” aka high end without spending a ton of money! We’re all about that luxurious living nowadays so here’s some simple tips on how to achieve this look with minimal spending.


Arch mirrors

Arch mirrors often convey a sense of elegance and luxury due to their graceful and sophisticated design. The curved or arched shape adds a  distinctive touch, creating a focal point that is aesthetically pleasing.


Warm lighting

Warm lighting is often considered more luxurious because it creates a cozy and inviting at atmosphere. The soft, golden tones associated with warm light mimic natural sunlight during sunrise or sunset, providing a pleasant and comfortable ambiance. This type of lighting tends to be flattering, casting a gentle glow that enhances the warm and richness of interior spaces.


Gold accent

Gold accents are often associated with luxury because gold has been historically linked to wealth, opulence and prestige. The colour gold signifies abundance and prosperity, and its reflective properties add a touch of glamour. When used as accents in furniture, decor, or accessories, gold elements can elevate the overall aesthetics, creating a sense of richness and sophistication. The visual contrast of gold against other colours also tends to draw attention, making it a popular choice for adding a luxurious and refined touch to various design elements.



Textures are often perceived as more luxurious than flat surfaces because they add depth, visual interest, and a tactile quality to the design. When different textures are incorporated, they create a multi-dimensional and dynamic aspect that captures and reflects light in varied-ways.


Simple bottles

Simple bottles in a bathroom can be perceived as luxurious because of their minimalist and elegant design. A clean and uncluttered appearance suggests a sense of sophistication and attention to detail. Simple bottles often convey a spa-like or hotel-inspired aesthetic, creating a serene and refined atmosphere in the bathroom.

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