How To: Modernize A Country Kitchen

How To: Modernize A Country Kitchen

Tempted to have a country-style kitchen but still want to keep it modern? Here's some tips for you!


Decorative lights

Decorative lights in a country kitchen can add a modern touch by incorporating contemporary design elements. For instance, selecting sleek and stylish pendant lights or chandeliers with clean lines and modern finishes can contrast the feel of a country kitchen. 


Marble backsplash

Marble has a timeless and luxurious quality that instantly adds elegance. By choosing a marble backsplash, you bring in a sophisticated element that can elevate the overall look of the kitchen. 


Black accent

Black provides a strong contrast against the typically lighter colours associated with country kitchens. This creates a sense of drama and adds visual interest, contributing to a more modern aesthetic. 


Gold accent

Gold pairs well with natural elements commonly found in country kitchens, such as wood or stone. The combination of gold accents with these materials creates a harmonious blend of rustic and modern aesthetics. 


Rustic decor

Combine rustic elements, such as reclaimed wood or distressed finishes, with sleek and modern materials like stainless steel or concrete. This blend of textures creates visual interest and a contemporary feel. 


Textured utensils

Choose textured utensils made from modern materials like stainless steel or matte finishes. The juxtaposition of traditional textures with contemporary materials introduces a modern touch to the kitchen. 

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