Maximalist Styling Tips

Maximalist Styling Tips

Although minimalism is the more popular trend at the moment, maximalism is an eclectic and vibrant style that’s really bold. Anyone that’s keen on self expression should definitely give maximalism a try at least once to see if it’s a style they like. Here’s how you can embrace maximalism in your interior styling.


Mix patterns and prints

Unlike minimalism, maximalism encourages the mixture of multiple patterns and prints, scales, textures and colours. Being eccentric is key so do not be afraid to mix florals, geometric shapes, abstract and animal prints.


Play with colours

Vibrant and saturated colours are always welcomed in maximalism. To create a fun space, you can always experiment with bold colour combinations. Complementary and contrasting colours can both make a huge statement. Colour-blocking can also make a big impact on the styling of the interior.


Eclectic decor and furnishings

Different styles of furniture and decoration pieces can be mixed and matched. You can always go thrift shopping for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The end goal is to get different items that go well together despite their potentially different styles.


Statement pieces

Statement pieces can serve as the main attraction in your home. These can be  photographs, paintings, chandeliers, rugs, or unique furniture. You can build your styling from your statement pieces.

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Maximize use of space

Don't be afraid to fill up your space with objects and decor. Maximalism celebrates abundance, so make use of every nook and cranny. Add decorative items like plants, books, sculptures, and decorative boxes to enhance the visual richness of your space.


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