Minimalist Styling Tips

Minimalist Styling Tips

Minimalism is very trendy at the moment and lots of homeowners want this for the interior of their home. However, a lot of people tend to stray away from this theme in the midst of deciding on their colour palettes and furniture. Minimalism is all about removing the clutter and achieving a clean and simple aesthetic.  Want to know how to achieve a minimalistic look for your home? Keep on reading!


Neutral colour palette

Neutral colours such as white, grey and beige creates a sense of visual simplicity and harmony in the space. Trendy colours will always go out of trend eventually as time passes by but neutral colours, on the other hand, stay timeless and classic. A neural colour palette also provides a clean backdrop, allowing other elements (accent wall, paintings, photos etc.) in your house to stand out. 



Removing unnecessary items is the key to a clutter-free environment and minimalism. Think about what you actually need in your house compared to what you want. Hoarding is an unconscious habit and a lot of people do it, including me. “Less is more” may not always apply but in this case, it definitely does. Marie-Kondo has a lot of good tips about decluttering and she literally built a name for herself with those tips so if you find yourself having trouble decluttering, try looking her up on Google! 

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Quality over quantity

As a continuation of our previous point about decluttering, make sure that you always value quality over quantity. Finding the right furniture or decorations for your house is so much more important than having a lot of them.


Use of negative space

Leave areas of empty or negative space in your room to create a sense of openness and breathing room. This allows the eye to rest and emphasizes the importance of the objects you choose to showcase.


Multifunctional furniture

Furniture that serves its original purpose while also providing storage is a good investment. Space is maximized and organized at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

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