Siqi & Wei Jian, home owners

We first met Ethan in January and it has since been 8 months since our new place will finally be called our home due to Covid-19 (delayed for about 3 months). He is very passionate about interior design, always listening to our demands, with ideas to input or add on. When we pose a question, he will try and find out the different options we can have. It was a challenging task for us as we did a total revamp to a 1350sqft old resale flat to accommodate our family which has just recently grown to 5. He has been very helpful in many decision-making scenarios, with his colour sense and blending in the whole house, helping us to maintain the theme that we wanted. Also, it helps us to meet the dateline for us to move in the midst of covid-19 restrictions. He is always on the ball and quick to respond to our queries. Very friendly and an easy person to talk to. Will also go the extra mile for us to get something done as we recently have a newborn to take care of. We have recommended him to some of our friends who are also looking to renovate their houses either now or in the near future. We will definitely engage him again if we ever do need his services again.

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